Every year Sacred Heart provides food for Thanksgiving week to the needy. Last year we served 116 households (158 adults and 130 children)!

  • We help migrant workers on the Eastern Shore.
  • We support women in crisis pregnancies through Hope 4 Life.
  • Our boxes go out to our neighbors at Catholic Worker.
  • Through Norfolk’s Community Services Board, we are able to reach people suffering with addiction and mental health issues.
  • Virginia Supportive Housing connects us with those formerly homeless individuals who have moved into one-person apartments.

How can you help?

  1. Sign up after Mass to bring
    • 10-12lb frozen turkey (we need 35) and roasting pan
    • 5lb bag of Maseca Corn Flour for tortillas (we need 25)
    • Home baked desserts (we need lots and lots!!)
  2. Fill a shopping list
    • Canned meat
    • Canned chicken
    • Canned fish
    • Chunky soups with meat and assorted soups
    • Canned pork and beans
    • Pasta sauce with meat and dry pasta
    • Peanut butter and jelly
    • Canned or boxed milk
    • Box macaroni and cheese
    • Spaghetti O’s
    • Dried beans (red, pinto, navy or black)
    • 1lb (please!) bags of rice and box rice mixes
    • 32oz bottle of cooking oil
    • Assorted canned vegetables (peas, green beans, corn, carrots, tomatoes, etc)
    • Canned fruit (no heavy syrup)
    • Instant mashed potatoes
    • Jar gravy/ chicken broth
    • Canned yams/sweet potatoes
    • Canned cranberry sauce
    • Stuffing
    • Muffin/cornbread/ biscuit mix
  3. Be a helper at Sacred Heart
    • Monday November 19th (3-5PM) — Volunteer “shoppers” pack boxes
    • Tuesday November 20th (9-11AM) — Adults needed to load vehicles

Bring all food to Sacred Heart by 4:00PM Sunday November 18th.